This dynamic online course is bolstering everyday Catholics to grow in their faith and empowering them with practical tips to share faith. Introducing "Sharing Faith"

What's Included With Sharing Faith?

Brand New Content from some of the most dynamic Catholic teachers in the country: Andy Lesnefsky, Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, Bob Lesnefsky, Michael "Gomer" Gormley, Fr. Joe Freedy, and Kris Frank.

Topics include Who is Jesus, Prayer, Getting the Most Out of Mass, The Bible, Sex / The Talk, Mary and The Eucharist, Catholic Parenting, and Sin and Reconciliation.

Each topic includes a video to re-energize your faith and knowledge, a video with practical teaching tips, and video you can share with someone you are sharing faith with

Online Delivery - learn at your own pace.

Integrated Video Content from ShareJesus featuring Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV, Bishop David Ricken, Sr. Miriam James, SOLT, Zach Eckert and Sr. Elizabeth, CFR

INCREDIBLE VALUE - Each of the 9 Modules is valued at $55 each for a total value of $495

The course normal sells for $99, but for a limited time it is available as a Pay What You Want Course. (That means you can have it for free if you want.) It’s kind of like the leave a penny, give a penny concept.

We realize this is a tough financial time for a lot of people, but there is also an incredible hunger for more. Any monies you decide to pay below will go towards creating innovative future content.

Please note the payment form is the only way to get access to the course, so even if you $0, it will require billing information below.

This course is offered as pay what you want. We want to extend generosity to those who need free resources, but also want to create more new content, so any financial investment goes towards creating new content.


"I was the group leader journeying with the parents of children preparing to celebrate their sacraments. I saw such a change in these parents who rarely attended mass. Plus they were always there for the meetings when they knew we were going to watch the videos. It excited them." - Mary, Director of Religious Education

"It was so well laid out and you had down to earth people who shared on the videos making it easy for everyday Catholics to understand. Well done!!" Peter, Sharing Faith Participant

"The adults of this group began to share their faith with eachother making it a safe place and comfortable to talk about their faith which they were not used to." Sarah, Sharing Faith Participant

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